New Flowers & Tomato Plants For The Crown Jewel Farm!

“Happiness held is the seed. Happiness shared is the flower.” – John Harrigan

The Crown Jewel Farm is a work in progress. You’ve had a peek at Farmer Jewel’s truck full of produce and my mini pumpkin patch. Last week I made time to build some of the magnificent flower kits I purchased from Moonflower Miniatures.

Thrilled with the results, I thought I would share my tiny crop of irises and yellow cosmos. Both flowers are real showstoppers! The quality of materials included in Ebe’s kits makes for stupendous flowers… the petals are delicate and the leaves of the cosmos are extremely lifelike! I also took a little poetic license and added detail to the iris leaves for depth.

I made the unfinished daisies in the photos using techniques I learned from Ebe and laser-cut daisy petals I purchased a long time ago from Hanky Panky Crafts.

In addition to the tomato plants I made from Georgie Steeds’ kits (shown in my last blog post), I’ve created more tomato plants using leaves I requested from Mary Kinloch and various supplies I’ve had in my “flower-making stash” for years. The tomatoes will eventually be planted in the garden of the farmhouse… another “to-do” project on my horizon.

The tomato plant on the right is incomplete. I ran out of leaves and await the delivery of my next order to complete it. I used several different shades of green to paint the leaves and even some yellow to give the plant a “slightly overwatered” look for added realism.

Happy flower and plant making, mini friends! It’s really quite easy with great quality kits and leaves like these!

Robin ♥

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