Bob’s House – A Bathroom Mirror Install!

Who would have thought the mirror would be the hardest thing to find for the bathroom in Bob’s House? With the fixtures in, the custom cabinet complete (see my earlier post) and the hamper modified, it was time to for a mirror, but what kind?

I had a vintage “medicine cabinet” in my stash but didn’t like the way it protruded from the wall. A simple oval porcelain mirror would do but it was too thick and chunky. Making a mirror out of a picture frame could work! I decided that was the best route until I came across a Bespaq mirror on eBay.

It had a tray on bottom which I loved… good to hold a razor and bottle of after shave, etc and there were two tiny shelves on either side. Trays and shelves in miniature = display areas, which is always a bonus, so this mirror definitely had possibilities. After measuring between my sconces to ensure it would fit, I purchased one and hoped for the best.

My first thought with it in hand? Bespaq doesn’t really fit in a farmhouse, it’s too upscale.

The wood was beautiful, typical of the brand and it was nicely made but holding it in place I could see the stained wood was just too overpowering for the room so I grabbed the same Magnolia White paint I had just used to transform the cabinet and began to paint. I could not sand the mirror because doing so would have worn down the pretty raised detail so it required three coats of paint and a satin sealer.

As a rule I don’t paint Bespaq in order to preserve it’s value but I was so happy with the cottage feel the mirror had after it had been painted! The raised detail was now visible and being lighter the mirror blended nicely into the room instead of standing out like a sore thumb.

Because Bob’s House is a coastal farmhouse and Dad liked unusual shells, I rooted through my stash of mini shells until I found two shells big enough to notice on the mirror shelves and chose the two with the most color and character.

This mirror is not what I had in mind but it works beautifully and the modification was easy! If only I had noticed the red toothbrush had fallen on the floor before I took these pictures! LOL

Next up, Building Kitchen Shelves With Bars To Hang Utensils!

♥ Robin

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