Calling All Dollhouse Miniaturists & Collectors! Surf’s Up!

“Log on and surf the world of miniatures!”

Connecting with fellow miniature enthusiasts online is easier now than ever before. Instagram reveals a parade of tiny creations, Facebook keeps us current on who-is-making-what and various show schedules and we trade and connect on Etsy, eBay and websites from mini makers all over the world.

It’s a wonderful mini life!

Sharing a passion for miniatures, we come across fantastic collections, amazing artists and those with a true gift for curating and arranging miniatures. Surf the internet during lunch and off hours and you will find the most amazing miniatures! I’ve learned a few wiring tips last week, checked in on the progress of Giac’s Late Victorian English Manor (he boggles the imagination with his talent for intricacy), read all about the upcoming Colonial Williamsburg classes on the fascinating IGMA Blog, took a peek at Tim O’Dell‘s latest amazing artistry (have you see his phone poles, water faucets and farm tables?!) and kept abreast of the enchanting home life scenes in Kathleen Holmes‘ amazing and ever evolving dollhouse!!

I found gorgeous “wrought iron” doormats and shelving from a very talented mini maker in the Netherlands (Arjen Spinhoven!), marveled at the most realistic tiny parakeets I’ve ever seen (Sadie Campbell literally brings them to life!) and literally sighed with delight over the delicate beauty of realistic roses and petals floating in Gosia Suchadolska’s little glass bathtub!

On a more poignant note, have you noticed the announcement (and stunning photo!) now on Karen Fuller’s Etsy shop? Take heart! Out of the rubble, revival will be more glorious than ever!

I know it’s not easy to find “me time” these days, it’s extremely difficult for me too, but if you can grab a few minutes here and there, a vast ocean of mini friends, tiny raptures and useful information awaits!

Robin ♥

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Crown Jewel Miniatures by IGMA Artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell. Fine 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures in ultimate realism! My blog is a compendium of new art, announcements, and advice on creating miniature food for the dollhouse and 1:12th scale shops, stores and scenes.
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  1. Megan says:

    Thank you Robin, you’ve just provided me with curated weekend reading!

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