A Bushel Of Farm Fresh Vegetables… And Baskets Of Appreciation!

“Good food grows on a farm but good friends grow in your heart” -Me

Kathleen Holmes has a rare talent for fine curating when it comes to her dollhouse and miniature scenes. With her help, I was able to find a Franklin Mint Model T truck like one recently featured in front of her dollhouse. Eventually I will customize it (for which I heartily apologize to the serious collectors of Franklin Mint cars & trucks!) but I was so enchanted with it when it arrived, I immediately tossed a few fresh veggies into the bed.

For now it sits on the mantel in our living room until I can situate it in a scene with gravel, grass, trees, etc. The dog, boots, shovel and order receipts are the genius addition of my husband who adores making comical changes to my collections. (Have you ever woke up to find a real peach in your dollhouse kitchen or a light bulb amid the building supplies for a “bright idea” you announced the night before?).

Husbands are rarely to be trusted in the presence of miniatures! 😍

My sincere appreciation to Kathleen for sharing her sources, and ideas, with the rest of us. Every scene is an inspiration!

Robin ♥

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