“Hi, Crown Jewel Miniatures! Do You Have Tutorials?”

Crown Jewel Miniatures Puff Pastry Cake

Crown Jewel Miniatures Puff Pastry Cake

“Do you have tutorials?”

I get this question a lot but it’s not a simple yes or no answer. 🙂

I have three tutorials in the public sector:

– Present cake in the AIM 2010 Advent Calendar

– Blueberry buckle cake in the July 2010 issue of American Miniaturist magazine

– Phyllo pastry cakes in the December 2013 issue of Miniature Collector

Crown Jewel Miniatures Puff Pastry Cakes

Crown Jewel Miniatures Puff Pastry Cakes

I also have several how-to’s and tips in the earliest posts on this blog (2010). Other than that, I do not offer offer tutorials at this time. Almost all of my techniques are my very own but most of you know I got started by reading Angie Scarr’s fantastic books. I highly recommend starting there. In my dream world there would be a miniature making college where folks of all skill sets and mediums could go and learn how to make everything in 1:12 scale. Wouldn’t that be lovely? I’ll end this post with that happy thought. 🙂

Have a beautiful day mini friends, and thank you all very much for taking an interest in my miniature art.


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