Make A Strawberry Phyllo Pastry With Me Via Miniature Collector Magazine!

Making Phyllo Pastry Cakes With Crown Jewel Miniatures!

Puff pastry cakes!

Crown Jewel Miniatures Puff Pastry Cakes

See the December 2013 issue of Miniature Collector magazine for my latest tutorial- Phyllo Pastry Cakes! In the spring of 2012 I set out to create an original, rustic pastry. My only criteria was to make it look rather messy- homemade. We are spoiled with an abundant selection of “perfect” bakery goods on the miniature market but some seem out of place in the homey miniature kitchen scenes we all love so much.

Now you can can make one of these original, luscious phyllo, (puff) pastry cakes for your own mini kitchen or bakery following my easy step-by-step instructions! Not a fan of strawberry? This versatile cake can also be made in lemon or chocolate or any other flavor your mini dolly’s resin tastebuds prefer!

Crown Jewel Miniatures Puff Pastry Cake

Crown Jewel Miniatures Puff Pastry Cake

These little charmers are a cross between crepes and phyllo and I did my best to make them rustic and versatile too. Some are slightly lopsided with smears of fruit juice, and inconsistent piping. Some look delicious on plates and bakery cards and others make the grade on elegant cake pedestals. Phyllo dough dates back to the 17th century making them believable in several eras.

Crown Jewel Miniatures Puff Pastry Cakes

Crown Jewel Miniatures Puff Pastry Cakes

Best of all they’re fun and homemade and come from my mini kitchen to yours baked with love. Look for them soon in my Etsy shop and eBay! 


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