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IGMA Submission

“I am very pleased to announce I am now an IGMA Artisan!”

This distinction is such an honor that I keep pinching myself to be sure it’s real. It’s always the things we want most that we’re convinced we’re never going to get- right? I believe in my art, it’s in my blood, but I never really thought I could achieve this level of recognition. It’s been two days since I got this amazing news and my head is still in the clouds!

You’ll laugh at the way I found out! Someone I’ve never met sent me a Facebook message and all it said was “Congratulations!!!!”. I replied, “Thanks, what did I do?”. There was no reply so I went back to listing minis on eBay and suddenly it dawned on me that it might be IGMA- but IGMA was a dream and dreams happen to “other people”- right? I put the idea out of my head but then I got restless- those dreams might happen to other people but this one was my dream and suddenly all my dreams were exploding in my head like fireworks! Eventually I worked up the courage to open my email and you think you know how you’re going to react when something exciting happens to you but all I felt was SHOCK! I couldn’t see the email, I didn’t understand it, the words were all a great big jumble and the only one that made sense was “Congratulations“. There was that word again, that lovely, lovely word that let me know that I’d just achieved something I never thought possible.

IGMA Bread

I don’t want to end this post without thanking some very important people. They deserve to be recognized:

Many thanks to the IGMA Artisan Selection committee for this wonderful recognition. The inspiration this instills in me on my journey as a miniaturist will be everlasting.

Many thanks to my collectors and those who admire my art. Your feedback is the inspiration behind every piece. When you say you’re pleased, I’m thrilled and immediately start thinking of what to make next and our cycle continues.

Thank you to Stokesayware, Phil Grenyer and Al Chandronnait for the gorgeous servingware I submitted my art upon.

Many thanks to my colleagues for their unstinting, generous advice. Your tips, suggestions and encouragement help to light my way.

Thanks to my family for their endless support and encouragment! My mother is always bringing me cookbooks and magazines for ideas and my father taught me everything I know about photography- vital tools in the process.

Thank you to my precious sons. Their sense of humor lifts my soul and I produce some of my best art when I’m happy!

Heartfelt, deepest thanks to my husband, the love of my life. He believes in me on days when I don’t believe in myself. When I get frustrated, he’s my rock. When I need an honest opinion, I can always rely on him for the truth. I would not have submitted for Artisan if it wasn’t for him. “You can do this!”, he said, and I’m grateful he was right. When my hand isn’t making miniatures, it’s in his.

Love & Light to all of you this beautiful Mother’s Day weekend and thank you again for all you are.

IGMA Tarts


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