The Color Of Love Isn’t Always Red

Crown Jewel Miniatures Valentine's Day 2013

“My hands are of your color, but I shame to wear a heart so white” – William Shakespeare

Shakespeare wasn’t at all kind to Macbeth when he penned those words but the Bard certainly knew how to make color, in any context, seem romantic!  He meant, of course, that Lady Macbeth would be ashamed if her heart were as pale as Macbeth’s, illustrating through masterful prose that not all hearts are red and that gave me food for thought today.

Is the color of love always red?  When I opened a new package of clay to make Valentine sweets this year, I didn’t think so.  I love experimenting with colors when making miniature food and Valentine goodies are no exception.

Crown Jewel Miniatures Lemon Parfait with Lime WhipTart

Crown Jewel Miniatures Lemon Parfait with Lime Whip Tart

I don’t keep color charts, mixture formulas or ratios- are you shocked?  Every new color blend is a result of what I have on hand at the time and my mood.  Genius or madness?  I don’t know, I just love working with clay and pigment and when I stumble onto really delicious color mixes like this- it’s worth the risk!  Can you imagine how boring Monet’s paintings would be if he smashed his palette and only used the same, premixed colors every time?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in your dollhouse or mini sweet shoppe or bakery with a variety of lovely colors and remember- the color of love isn’t always red, and sometimes color isn’t always seen.  Through music or dance or poetry, the color of love is an expression of the heart via the senses and nothing entices all the senses quite like food.  You can see, smell, touch, hear and taste it- and that’s romance in full color.

What’s the color of your love?

Happy Valentine’s Day 2013 mini friends!

Robin ♥

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