Crown Jewel Miniatures Is Going To The Ball!

Crown Jewel Miniatures Goes To The Ball!

Ochre Court, Newport, RI

Ochre Court, Newport, RI

Imagine attending a ball in Newport, RI at the height of the Gilded Age. Dressed in costly attire and swathed in diamonds, you exit the coach and step through magnificent wrought iron doors into a glittering world of elegance and excess. The butler steps forward to take your wrap and you float down the reception line to greet your host and hostess on the arm of your escort. Exquisite flowers perfume the air and you’re dazzled by gas lighting reflected in thousands of crystal prisms. The musicians strike up the first waltz, and you whirl the night away on feet with magic wings and- oh- have I mentioned the delectable food?

All food will be provided by Crown Jewel Miniatures!

Every petite morsel, every succulent bite- each glass of champagne and decadent dessert is made with meticulous attention to detail. One bite and your little resin taste buds are in heaven. Think this is a dream? Well, dear Dolly, not quite….

Salve Regina University’s 36th Annual Governor’s Ball will be held on Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 9PM in Ochre Court. The theme this year is “The Gilded Age” and the organizers have asked Charlene Rich, of Miniature Occasions & Dolls, to create the main display with a furnished and decorated dollhouse mansion depicting a ball during the Gilded Age. “When I thought about asking someone to make the food, I knew right away it had to be Crown Jewel Miniatures”, said Charlene. “Robin’s miniature food is the best and most realistic I’ve ever seen.”

It’s an incredible opportunity to make the food for this project, and I’m honored that Charlene thinks so highly of my art. This is the first large scope project I‘ve ever done and we’re working closely together to ensure it’s a success. I‘ve been asked to make all the food for the kitchen and dining room and hors d’oeuvres for the reception area and I‘m incredibly excited, the Gilded Age is one of my favorite eras!  As long time members of the Newport Preservation Society my husband and I often visit Newport to tour the mansions and we always stop in on Charlene when we’re in town!  She’s a lovely friend and her fantastic store has a little bit of everything- dollhouses, room boxes, miniatures and hundreds of dolls. It’s like fairyland the minute you pass through the door! If you’re in Newport, it’s well worth a visit!

Guests at the ball will be treated to a stunning miniature mansion decorated for the holidays and everything they see- the dollhouse, furniture, accessories, and my miniature food art will be available for purchase the following day! Price lists will be provided near the display and guests can visit Charlene at Miniature Occasions & Dolls, 57 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI 02840 (401-849-5440) to take home their miniature treasures.

Select pieces of my art will be made available in my eBay (ID: Crown_Jewel_Miniatures) after Charlene has returned them to me and I will announce their availability via my blog, Twitter (@CrownJewelMinis) and Facebook. Dress your dollhouse dolly in her finest ball gown and take home a piece of the magic to create a lovely ballroom scene of your own in miniature.

Happy collecting!


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