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©Dessert Table At The Witch's Ball

©Dessert Table At The Witch’s Ball!

Count Dracula, dressed in his finest, flashed his pearly fangs and bowed over the gnarled hand of Agatha, the supreme witch of Miniland as he asked for the favor of a dance. His last inamorata, Ima Mummy- a longstanding ghoul-friend- had sampled a little too much macabre punch and was far too unraveled to dance and the count rather admired Agatha’s sallow green complexion.

“Thank you Count Dracula, but would you care for some refreshments first? The caterer, Crown Jewel Miniatures, has really outdone herself this year. She’s even made your favorite black widow spider cakes!”

Crown Jewel Miniatures spider cakes, foil-wrapped chocolate balls and shortbread leaf cookies

“She has? Where?”

Before the witch could point to the spooky treats on the buffet with a crooked finger, a wolf wearing a red cloak and sly grin came trotting in and pushed his hood back. He howled at the moonlit windows and gave Agatha a stolen basket of goodies from a little girl he had just frightened on his way to the ball.

“Werewolf, Count. Use my whole name- I don’t care for nicknames. This is for you Agatha from Mrs. Eerie Specter”, he lied. “She wanted to bring it herself but you know how flighty ghosts can be.”

“Oh Wolfie, that’s kind of her- it’s a pity she disappeared- again. Welcome to my annual ball!”

The werewolf ignored the Count and gave Agatha his best wolf whistle. “You look quite remarkable this evening Agatha. Is that eye of newt perfume you’re wearing? Would you care to dance?”

“You mangy cur, how dare you!” shouted the Count. “I asked the old hag to dance first!”.

The wolf picked the candy corn off a small tray of Crown Jewel petite fours near his bewitching friend and rolled his eyes dramatically in the Count’s direction.

Candy corn topped petite fours

“Everyone at the witch’s ball knows Agatha is already taken, Count Dracula. Frankie- excuse me- Frank-en-stein- is hogging all the autumn leaf shortbread cookies that yummy mini-baker made but he’ll be back for his little broom-rider and he won’t appreciate your bloody interference.”

Dracula lifted the sides of his cape and exposed his fangs. He could silence the rude wolf with just one bite.

“I will show you bloody!”

Agatha cackled as the werewolf yelped and ran away with his tail between his legs. She had always preferred her valiant vampire to every other monster in the room.

“That fellow has the manners of a dog, Agatha!”

“Yes but he has the most delightful taste, count. He knows a good party spread when he sees one!”

Pumpkin Fondant Cake

“Right you are my dear. Let us eat cake before he lopes back this way. Who needs dancing when there are fondant spiders to be eaten.”

“Oh yes and the lovely food isn’t the only delight in store for you. That yummy mini-baker as Wolfie called her has thought of everything! The mirror on the buffet is covered over and none of the silver is real. You’re quite safe tonight, count!”

Dracula unwrapped a foil chocolate and flashed his fangs.

Iced Pumkin Cakes and Scattered Candies

“I cannot say the same for your neck my dear!”

Agatha wasn’t worried, she had a vampire-antidote potion up her sleeve and a 100 year sleeping spell to boot. As more gruesome guests broke through the cobwebs and joined the ball, Dracula and his favorite witch were in perfect agreement on one thing- nothing beat a good Crown Jewel Miniatures spider cake- not even the Monster Mash dance!

Available now vie my eBay (Crown_Jewel_Miniatures). See ©Dessert Table At The Witch’s Ball on eBay!

Happy Halloween mini friends!
Robin ♥

©Copyright 2013 Crown Jewel Miniatures. All rights reserved.


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