Crown Jewel Miniatures Featured In American Miniaturist Magazine!

My First Feature Article!   

American Miniaturist Magazine - October 2012

American Miniaturist Magazine – October 2012

There is HUGE excitement in the Crown Jewel Miniatures imaginarium today!  For the first time ever my miniature food art is in print as a feature article!  I am thrilled beyond belief and give MEGA THANKS to American Miniaturist, Martha Puff, Traci Nigon and the entire American Miniaturist staff. 
Those of you who have read the bio on my website ( know that I have been making miniatures for a very long time, but I have only been making miniature food art in earnest for a little over two years.  (I made food but not to this level).  It’s been an incredible and challenging journey, as I am self taught and constantly trying to perfect my craft.  With so many other budding and gifted miniature food artists on the Internet, gaining recognition and exposure are no easy tasks and I am incredibly grateful to Martha and Traci for giving me this amazing opportunity to share my art. 
The digital copy is out now and I eagerly await the hard copies coming in the mail!  The six page article is very well written, the pictures of my art look fabulous and the whole layout is quality start to finish!  Cover to cover it’s an amazing issue- grab your copy today!
FANTASTIC FOODS: Martha Puff reveals the woman behind Crown Jewel Miniatures.
Crown Jewel Miniatures Thanksgiving Turkey

Crown Jewel Miniatures Thanksgiving Turkey

Crown Jewel Miniatures Vegetables

Crown Jewel Miniatures Italian Feast Table


Have a great week!
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