A Word About My Trademark

A Word About My Trademark

As a miniaturist selling to the public, I have no control over my work being resold by unauthorized retailers (often with a significant markup) without my knowledge. While I appreciate the free exposure, I prefer to sell my original miniature creations directly so that I can provide collectors with the personal attention and service they deserve and offer reasonable prices. Direct sales also allow me to offer additional information and establish product reputation while promoting my brand. Making quality dollhouse miniatures is a very competitive business. Unfortunately there are those who will do all they can simply to profit off the ideas, success and quality work of others.

In the event my miniatures are resold at dollhouse miniatures fairs, trade shows, retail stores, and various Internet venues, collectors should be aware that any dollhouse miniature carrying the mark “RLCBB” is a genuine Crown Jewel Miniatures collectible and not crafted, made or produced by the retailer.

My hallmark, or trademark, looks like this:

Crown Jewel Minatures Trademarks

Because there is no way for miniature collectors to instantly make the connection between “RLCBB” and Crown Jewel Miniatures, I will retire this mark. All signed and dated Crown Jewel Miniatures original creations will now carry the mark “Crown Jewel” or “Crown Jewel Miniatures” if the size of the item permits. Unsold Crown Jewel Miniatures currently for sale carrying the “RLCBB” mark will be sold as is, but all miniature collectibles produced from today on will carry the new “Crown Jewel” or “Crown Jewel Miniatures” mark.

I hope this information clears up any confusion and wish to thank collectors for their interest in my miniature art. Making miniatures is my passion and having informed, happy customers as my new online business grows is very important to me.

Very Best,
Crown Jewel Miniatures
©Copyright 2011 Crown Jewel Miniatures. All rights reserved.

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