Making Miniature Crepes!

Making Dollhouse Miniature Food From Polymer Clay
With Crown Jewel Miniatures

Making miniature crepes

Making miniatures crepes has got to be one of the easiest projects and using my technique you can add a touch of realism that will leave your mini people’s mouths watering.

Crepes: Basic Tools & Materials:

Polymer clay. (Mix 2 parts white with 1 part translucent and a tiny bit of yellow to create a pale cream color)
Ochre, brown and rust artist pastels (chalks)
Aluminum foil, crushed (for texture)
Sponge tip eye shadow applicator or brush (to apply pastels)
A razor blade

Pinch off a 5mm bead of polymer clay and roll into a ball in your palm. Using your fingertip, flatten and push the bead into a circle on your tile until you have a very thin disk about the size of a US nickel (6/8 or 7/8 inches in diameter).

Using the crushed foil, texture the clay all over. Don’t be afraid to really press the foil into the clay to create tiny crags. You won’t really be able to see them until you highlight the clay with the pastels.

Brush a small amount of yellow ochre pastel on the entire piece, then using your fingertip or a sponge applicator, gently swipe the top of the clay with the rust colored chalk. This will highlight all those wonderful crags, giving the crepe the appearance of having been fried in the pan. Next brush on a little brown chalk around the edges.

Carefully remove the crepe from your tile using a razor blade and wrap it around a filling of your choice, forming a tube, textured side out. (Alternatively you can fold it in half like an omelette). Hold it gently and be careful not to flatten all those lovely crags you made.

Bake according to manufacturer’s directions on your package of polymer clay. Because these are tiny and thin, I usually bake them at 250 degrees for ten to fifteen minutes but your experience may be different.

When cooled, experiment with adding various mediums for syrup, sauce and other toppings.

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