OK Back To Our Regularly Scheduled SUMMER Minis! <3

Crown Jewel Miniatures Seashell Cakes

Crown Jewel Miniatures Seashell Cakes

“Crown Jewel Miniatures Sells Chocolate Seashell Cakes By The Mini Seashore”

I can’t sign out of my blog today leaving you with Christmas minis in August so here’s a peek at what I’m listing today in my eBay– Crown Jewel Miniatures seashell cakes! One bite and your mini dolly will be grooving with the Beach Boys on your dollhouse deck! Try my yummy cake & ice cream bomb covered with caramel ganache and chocolate seashells-

Crown Jewel Miniatures Ice Cream Bomb Cake

Crown Jewel Miniatures Ice Cream Bomb Cake

Or my beach cake which is the end result of my brainstorm on what to do with the world’s ugliest cake stand LOL! I wrapped the bottom with white rope like a fishing pier, attached a few micro shells and a crochet-like doily, crowned it with a beach cake and best of all it comes to you with FOUR loose slices to display as you wish and BOTH sides of the slices are fully textured!

Take a bite out of the summertime blues with my fun in the sun inspired seashell cakes! 1:12 scale- they’re perfect for your dollhouse BBQ mini beach party!

Crown Jewel Miniatures Beach Cake

Crown Jewel Miniatures Beach Cake on Seashell Cake Pedestal

Fun times in the ©Crown Jewel Miniatures Imaginarium. Happy summer mini friends!

Happy mini-ing mini friends!

Robin ♥


©Copyright 2013 Crown Jewel Miniatures. All rights reserved.


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Crown Jewel Miniatures by IGMA Artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell. Fine 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures in ultimate realism! My blog is a compendium of new art, announcements, and advice on creating miniature food for the dollhouse and 1:12th scale shops, stores and scenes.
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3 Responses to OK Back To Our Regularly Scheduled SUMMER Minis! <3

  1. Sophia says:

    I did see your blog featured in this issue. I’m not alywas that enamored of those they choose to feature, but I was glad to see yours there. I was even more happy to see the article on your kitchen–I *really* liked both the kitchen and the article. Congratulations!

  2. Mahdi says:

    That is just wonderful! And very well desreved attention too because you are extremely talented!!! I found your Etsy shop before I found your blog and I was just blown away, I was thrilled when I found your blog:)Congratulations!!!

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