“How’d ja like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island?” -Bing Crosby

Crown Jewel Christmas Candy

Crown Jewel Christmas Candy

“How’d ja like to stay up late- like the islanders do? Wait for Santa to sail in with your presents- in a canoe?” -Bing Crosby

I feel like I’m on Christmas Island right about now! LOL One minute we’re outside soaking up the sun and the next I’m back in the ©Crown Jewel Miniatures Imaginarium whipping up festive Christmas minis. Talk about diversified crafting! LOL The Christmas minis are for an upcoming magazine deadline so I can’t complain. I just thought you might find this amusing too and it’s high time I posted again on this severely neglected blog!! 🙂

Stay cool mini friends! Your guess is as good as mine on where these tiny Christmas tree candies will end up! I haven’t yet decided how to incorporate them- I only know I will. <3 [caption id="attachment_390" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Christmas Tree Candy Christmas Tree Candy[/caption]

“A Christmas goodie from me to you, eat it up quick before I do!” -Unknown

Happy mini-ing mini friends!

Robin ♥


©Copyright 2013 Crown Jewel Miniatures. All rights reserved.


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