Crown Jewel Miniatures Shabby Bakery – A work in progress

Crown Jewel Miniatures Bakery Door

Crown Jewel Miniatures Bakery Door

“You are a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins” – unknown

Q- What does a busy miniaturist do when she’s supposed to be working?
A- Dig through the supply closet for wire needed on her current project, find a limited edition roombox theater she bought on eBay in the 90’s, become completely side tracked and forget all about the wire, dust it off, build it, and stare at it until she decides it will make a fine bakery then spend the next 2 months baking luscious goodies and wondering why there never seem to be enough hours in the day!


Crown Jewel Miniatures Shabby Bakery

Crown Jewel Miniatures Shabby Bakery

Crown Jewel Miniatures Shabby Bakery is my latest mini project! I papered the walls and floor with scrapbooking paper found at Joann’s- finished the exterior with a fabulous textured cream spray paint found at Lowe’s and now I’m doing my best to fill it. I’ve made all the desserts myself (in between working on custom orders and magazine articles) and next I’ll concentrate on adding shelves and more signs on the walls.

Crown Jewel Miniatures Shabby Bakery

Crown Jewel Miniatures Shabby Bakery

Step on in and choose from cakes, pies, candies, tarts, cappuccinos, chocolates, cookies, parfaits, flans, meringues, cupcakes, custards, ice cream etc! Your mini dolly’s waistline won’t last a minute in this shoppe! It’s main purpose is a backdrop for future photo shoots of my baked goods but family and friends visiting the ©Crown Jewel Miniatures Imaginarium are in love with it!! What is it about cupcakes that make folks turn to goo? LOL The rack to the right is a repainted Creekside hutch top and the “World’s Best Cupcakes” sign is by Carrie Lavender.

Keep calm and cupcake on!

Happy mini-ing mini friends!

Robin ♥

©Copyright 2013 Crown Jewel Miniatures. All rights reserved.


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