From Dollhouse Food To Crochet?

A few years ago my aging father lamented the loss of a granny square afghan his late mother had made. Over the years he lost track of it and was sad not to have it.

I knew absolutely nothing about granny square afghans. Dad said it was black with colorful squares, so when I returned home that night, I Googled it and was surprised to discover how beautiful they are and they were back in style!

I had no idea how to crochet but when you love someone, you want to please them so I found a few afghans on Google and showed them to Dad. He pointed to the one that most resembled his mother’s, and I found a how-to video by JaydaInStitches on YouTube that was very easy to follow. As luck would have it, putting all those colorful squares together was the hard part but I was determined and on Christmas day I presented Dad with the afghan. He teared up, I cried. It was a beautiful father-daughter moment.

You know how it goes with us artists. We’re always pushing ahead when it comes to creating so I decided to make a 1:12th scale scarf. Simple enough, right? {insert embarrassing laughter here}. I ordered a crochet hook on Amazon that is so tiny I could barely see it with the naked eye and I found pretty silk thread in my stash purchased from a professional 1:12th scale needlework artist many years ago. Jeanne Bell, rest her soul, tatted the tiniest, most exquisite 1:12th scale lace tablecloths I have ever seen! She also made 1:12 braided rugs with wool thread but I digress.

Long story short the silk thread was too floppy, the hook too small and the only reason I was able to complete the scarf was sheer, stubborn determination. I vowed never to make another piece of 1:12th crochet.

Never say never, right?

Yes, you guessed it! I’m in the process of a very, very special new project (blogs on that coming soon!) and need to make a 1:12th scale afghan for it. I would not have thought it possible but thanks to the advice of the amazing owner of Rosemary’s Yarn Shop in Maine, I learned a LOT about yarn and threads! I now have the appropriate thread (cotton perle) and the correct size hook. The hook is the size of a gnat but the tiny afghan is coming along great! Each square is approximately 3/4 of an inch.

Here is a photo of my work in progress. I will update this post when the afghan in complete.

1:12 granny square afghan WIP by Crown Jewel Miniatures

Meanwhile, keep pushing ahead and never say never! Keep trying until you reach your goal. The word “quit” isn’t in my vocabulary and shouldn’t be in yours either.
You will surprise yourself and have something to show for it.

♥ Robin

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