Name Your Coffee!

Q: What’s In A Name?
A: Coffee!

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Coffee, cup o’ joe, java, espresso, cappuccino… call it what you will but it’s a nice hot cup of yummy and I’m serving it to you in tiny mugs personalized with hundreds of names and nicknames!

A Mugs

I bought the empty mugs several years ago as partial inventory of a dollhouse shop that closed in the late 1990’s. The mugs are very well made and no longer in production from this company (Mini Mug House). I filled each one with resin to resemble coffee with cream. The coffee color is not as dark as my pictures- the glare of the glazing on the white porcelain was a little too much for my camera lens. It’s a nice coffee & cream color but also resembles tea and cream if your mini dollhouse inhabitants prefer to drink their resin tea from a mug. 😉


Is your name there, or the name of a friend?  Send me a message or email and if I have your name(s) in stock, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.  Each mug is only $5.00 + shipping.  Buy three mugs and save!  Three mugs for $12.00!

Phrases Mugs

In addition, I have a select number of names in slightly different mugs with blue font:

Blue Font Mugs

Great for a breakfast display at the kitchen table, on a dollhouse coffee table near a magazine or set up a coffee klatch scene in your tiny parlor- the possibilities are endless!

Bottoms up mini friends!

D Mugs


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