Name Your Coffee!

Q: What’s In A Name?
A: Coffee!

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Dollhouse Mugs

Coffee, cup o’ joe, java, espresso, cappuccino… call it what you will but it’s a nice hot cup of yummy and I’m serving it to you in tiny mugs personalized with hundreds of names and nicknames!

A Mugs

I bought the empty mugs several years ago as partial inventory of a dollhouse shop that closed in the late 1990’s. The mugs are very well made and no longer in production from this company (Mini Mug House). I filled each one with resin to resemble coffee with cream. The coffee color is not as dark as my pictures- the glare of the glazing on the white porcelain was a little too much for my camera lens. It’s a nice coffee & cream color but also resembles tea and cream if your mini dollhouse inhabitants prefer to drink their resin tea from a mug. 😉


All mugs with names are available via my eBay (ID: Crown_Jewel_Miniatures). They are NOT listed in the Dollhouse Miniatures category because eBay does not allow listings of variations (choices) in the Dolls and Bears section, so please find them under my Items For Sale and not via the Dollhouse Miniatures category. Is your name there, or the name of a friend?

Phrases Mugs

In addition, I have a select number of names in slightly different mugs with blue font:

Blue Font Mugs

Great for a breakfast display at the kitchen table, on a dollhouse coffee table near a magazine or set up a coffee klatch scene in your tiny parlor- the possibilities are endless!

Bottoms up mini friends!

D Mugs


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