Crown Jewel Miniatures In The “World’s Most Expensive Dollhouse”?

Photo by Zak DeZon/Bloomberg

Seek And You Shall Find… and What A Find!

I’m stunned! I used Google to search for a “dollhouse castle clock” and stumbled upon my dream dollhouse. It’s a castle, of course. “Astolat Castle” is named for the castle in The Lady of Shallot, a 19th-century ballad by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The crenellated walls are so romantic and has the loveliest torch lights on the exterior and classic topiary on the balcony.

Oh, and it’s bargain priced… only 8.5 million dollars.

No, you’re not seeing things, that really is the price and it sure looks like it’s worth every penny. Scrolling down the photos, you see one meticulously curated room after another. A suit of armor stands sentry by the door. Crystal chandeliers and gilded French furniture lend an air of romance. Aahhh! It’s my dream dollhouse… I can’t make this up!

The library has a… wait. Go back to that last photo… the one with the gilded table… yes that one, the Salon! Is that a cheese board I made? ::: shaking my head ::: Don’t be silly! Ok, let’s move on with this magical mystery tour in the lovely dollhouse castle…

Photo by Zak DeZon/Bloomberg

There’s an amazing library, turreted rooms, a humidor with a fabulous collection of pipes for the mini gent and a bar. Every good dollhouse needs some hooch. Then…

OH MY GOSH! Now my eyes are bugging out of my head, because that turkey, sliced cranberry sauce, etc were definitely made by me… I just can’t believe my eyes… and look, I made the pumpkins in the next photo too! My art is in this incredible dollhouse??? What an honor! This kind of thing does not happen every day! I LOVE seeing my art in the dollhouses of my collectors, they have the most amazing collections but I can honestly say this is the priciest one I’m aware of… to date, lol.

Photo by Zak DeZon/Bloomberg

Photo by Zak DeZon/Bloomberg

Astolat Dollhouse is truly a work of art… and love. Be it humble or expensive, only a true collector expends this much love in bringing a miniature collection to life. It takes a lot of time and effort and the result is beautiful. Shrink me so I can move in?

I believe I know who the collector is, she’s always been fabulous to work with and I hope she sold the dollhouse to someone who will love it for many years to come.

This article was written back in 2015 but it’s still quite relevant today! Here we are in the midst of the horrible Covid-19 pandemic and there it is, folks…

… a miniature roll of “usable” toilet paper.

Photo by Zak DeZon/Bloomberg

As I said, I can’t make this up! You never know where your art will end up. All I know for certain is I love my collectors. They’re amazing people and I’m appreciative to help bring their mini food scenes to life in any small way.

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