Chestnuts In A… Popcorn Popper?

“There is probably a smell of roasted chestnuts and other good comfortable things all the time, for we are telling Winter Stories – Ghost Stories, or more shame for us – round the Christmas fire; and we have never stirred, except to draw a little nearer to it.” -Charles Dickens

Yes! I’ve always been one to think outside the box, so when I noticed an old fashioned popcorn popper in Kathleen Holmes‘s collection (isn’t her dollhouse fantastic? I love it!), I knew I had to have one. Kind and helpful as ever, she helped me find one online and within days I had this little treasure in my hands.

I was amazed when I opened the box. It’s extremely well made and far more recherché in person. At first I considered creating a mini ‘popcorn making scene’ in front of a camp fire, fireplace or maybe on a stovetop with a jar of popcorn, an open package of butter, a salt (or cheese) shaker or maybe with a bag of caramels nearby. Then my creativity went into overdrive and I imagined something quite different…

The popcorn popper is just a basket after all. You decide what to put it in, right? I considered using it as a shrimp basket on a charcoal grill, but that’s summer fare. It’s winter time and I love cozy Christmas scenes in front of a good blaze. Suddenly I decided to make a miniature ‘chestnut roasting scene’!

Chestnuts! ~ Cue Nat King Cole ~

I envisioned chestnuts in a wood bowl, a few chestnuts in the basket, a roaring fire in an Inglenook fireplace… mugs filled with hot cocoa, a tray of Christmas cookies and a cozy blanket for two. I’m a hopeless romantic, can you tell?

I don’t have an Inglenook fireplace and must substitute electric embers for the fire, but the rest is definitely in my wheelhouse! I’m so excited about this project, I may stage the scene in more than one room.

Will I stage a cozy scene as described above in the Crown Jewel Manor drawing room, or something a little more modest in my mini gent’s library with brandy, a cheese tray, slippers and a good book? Stay tuned to my blog to see!

Meanwhile, here’s a look at my popcorn popper and the first chestnuts I have made. The gorgeous wood bowl belongs to Kathleen and I look forward to seeing the chestnuts in her dollhouse too.

You can’t go wrong with chestnuts during the holidays. Toss a handful into a bowl of pine cones… use them on Christmas wreaths with dried fruit and raffia… or join me in the CJM drawing room and groove to Nat King Cole as we celebrate the holidays “mini style”. Many thanks to Kathleen for showing me where to find the popcorn popper. The inspiration I get from this piece is especially delightful this time of year.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, from my house to yours, mini friends!

Robin ♥

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