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What’s Cookie Dough Without A Cookie Cutter?

Not much, if you ask me, so when I made two batches of autumn sugar cookies for a pair of prep board scenes, I rolled out the dough nice and thin, keeping it in true 1:12th scale. I then cut out a few and arranged them on a baking sheet, made a little ball of raw cookie dough, textured and “browned” some for a fresh baked effect, brushed a few others with fall flavored glazes… spiced pumpkin, maple, chocolate and orange, and sat back to take stock of my latest creations.

That’s when my realism meter went off.

It’s not very realistic to have cutout cookie dough without a cookie cutter! Now I’ve done this before… rolled out dough for biscuits and cookies, and then whipped up a tiny round cookie cutter. Simple. Maple leaves are not as easy, especially when the leaf cutter I used has a very nicely detailed shape. Still, I needed a cookie cutter, so I grabbed various pieces of sheet metal in different strengths and hoped for the best.

Fortunately the miniature cookie cutter gods smiled on me. In the process of making 2 cookie cutters that pass muster for a maple leaf, I also managed to salvage the ones I wrecked, thus the freeform cookie cutters you see on the right side of my picture. I have no idea what they are, or how I shall use them. They look like something out of a Rorschach test! LOL One of my collectors, a truly lovely lady who shall remain nameless, is likely nodding her head as she reads this.

It’s all in a days work! Give me a day or two and I’ll list the entire set in my Etsy shop. Until then, remember… never give up! You usually get what you need. 😉

Robin ♥

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