Losing Miniature Collector Magazine

Farewell Miniature Collector

Poetry is the opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through to guess what is seen during the moment.

Miniature Collector was poetry in small scale and to coin one of their featured titles, if we take a peek backward “Through The Looking Glass”, we’re left with lots of happy memories.

It seems like yesterday… I posted to this blog in utter amazement because Miniature Collector magazine reached out to me to ask if they could feature my art on their venerated pages. I was not an IGMA Artisan then, I was just putting my heart and passion for hyper realism in miniature into my clay and hoping for a decent result. I still don’t know how they “discovered” me in 2012. Someone on their editorial team must have come across my art on the internet. I only wish I knew who it was so I could thank them.

It’s so much fun to have your art shown in a magazine. It’s a real thrill when a magazine reaches out to invite you in, instead of the other way around… but I have to say that for me personally, it was a true honor to be in Miniature Collector. Readers know the pages of Miniature Collector featured the best in the business- true artists whose passion leapt off the page and made you want to buy everything mini you saw! To be among them is still humbling for me. I guess I’m a perfectionist in the sense I’ll never think my art is “good enough”. I keep changing materials and techniques, always trying to improve, not satisfied with the status quo…

Now you know why I (and thousands of others) loved Miniature Collector. When you keep reaching for the best, you look for the best and you knew you would find the best on the pages of Miniature Collector. Just looking at the line up in 2013, I’m starstruck at the talent… Bluette Meloney, Nancy VanHorn, Barbara Studebaker and Miyuki Kobayashi, just to name a few. Martha Puff, Cindy Erickson and other talented writers drew us into the backstories of collectors, enthusiasts, mini makers, Artisans and Fellows. What a treasure trove!

I used to do a little jig when I found an issue waiting for me in the mailbox. Out came my teacup and I’d curl up on the couch reading it cover to cover, completely absorbed in the Lilliputian magic before my eyes. In many ways it was a little bit of Christmas, year round. Fun, imaginative, inspiring and happy. Oh, so happy!

Apparently Scott Publications closed its doors a few weeks ago. Several people in the miniature community posted the sad news on social media. By one account, Managing Editor Ruth Keessen fell from a ladder while cleaning gutters and broke her back. For personal reasons, they decided to close shop. The outpouring of compassion is heartwarming, as are the calls for someone to buy the company and keep the subscriptions coming.

I will miss the magazine in so many ways. Doug Kroll was awesome in so many ways! He was so much more than advertising, he was the “voice” of Miniature Collector, to me. He had all the answers and never left me waiting for adcopy or advice. Cindy Erickson was delightful, she wove my words into the article without distorting the focus on my art. I could go on but let me just say, this was a quality team and it showed in the final product.

Farewell Miniature Collector. I found hours of enjoyment between your pages and I’ll never stop peeking Through The Looking Glass.

December 2013

December 2013


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18 Responses to Losing Miniature Collector Magazine

  1. Eileen Kroll says:

    What a beautiful article. Thank you so much for mentioning my husband Doug kroll. You and his other customers meant so much to him and he’s very grateful to have been part of such a wonderful and artistic community.

  2. Thank you Eileen. Me and many, many others wish Doug all the best now and in the future. He often went out of his way to help, especially with newcomers and having a friendly face in uncharted waters certainly made a positive difference!

    Very Best,

  3. Alma Kiss says:

    I will miss the magazine very much. But they were encouraging us to renew subscriptions almost until the last minute. I sent a check for a two-year subscription in July, and then got addled (lots of family crises) and sent another check for two more years! When I realized what I had done, I didn’t care, because I expected to subscribe forever. Then I heardaccidentally through the grapevine that they are closed. Their phones are not answered, though they have not changed their answer message. I don’t want to think their intention was to cheat their loyal subscribers. They owe me roughly $250. I’m sure there are others who have also recently renewed. If anyone knows any recourse for this, I’d appreciate knowing about it.

  4. Beverly Bednar says:

    I finally finally decided at the last minute to enter the Antique Shops contest due August 15 and had to send my entry priority mail. I could not believe it when I got the envelope back marked “Refused.” I was able to contact the editor after wondering what had happened. I will not understand it if the magazine cannot find another publisher. It will be a shame as I imagine everything is in place to start again. If there is anything anyone can do, please let me know.

  5. Christine Pernetti says:

    I was and am a huge fan of this magazine. It introduced me to the world of miniatures, which filled a huge void in my life. Losing my mom at much too young an age, I was lost and this hobby became a lifelong passion. I am still inspired by articles in the magazine, and still refer to it many times when I need information or inspiration. I am working on a whole Edwardian town, which I hope to finish in time for Christmas, and was just referring to the December 2001 issue for Christmas Traditions to help you accessorize your dollhouse. I subscribe to other miniature magazines, but this one was by far my favorite. Thank you for so many years of this wonderful publication. You have taught me so much, and I am grateful for it.

  6. Vina Burns says:

    So sorry Miniature Collector has been discontinued under such sad circumstances.
    My prayers are with the lady who had such a bad accident.
    As I’m in the middle of my years subscription I’m hoping for a miracle for her and for the magazine. Please let me know if there is any progress on either.
    God Bless

  7. Linda Griffin says:

    It was nice to finally find out what is going on with my Miniature Collector. I’m sorry that someone was hurt, but I am out almost 3years subscription cost. I really miss this magazine, I have been a subscriber for many years. I renewed a gift subscription for my daughter for two years, and my own for another year.
    I hope that someone will tell us what’s going to happen.

  8. Vicki Marston says:

    I am sorry about losing this magazine, since I enjoyed the articles and their commitment to artisans and collectors. However, t I also renewed my subscription, for two years, last September. I did not know they were shutting down and was planning to contact them regarding missing issues. Looks like I am out some money…….

  9. Jane Quinn says:

    Like the comments above, I’m also stunned that the magazine is out of business. I loved the “ordinary people” projects and had subbed a few to be featured. I’ve been emailing the subscription department plus just today the editor about my missing issues since September. That email came back as a failure so I decided to google the magazine. Now I know why I’ve received no answer. So sad. I like “Dollhouse Miniatures” magazine but had considered that a more artisan focused magazine. I guess I’ll re-subscribe to that magazine unless I can find any others.

  10. Robin Franklin says:

    The wonderful owner of Lillyputts in Richmond had spoken to the editor hoping to have my work published in the magazine. I was so excited, and was in the process of sending pictures, when I found out they closed. Broken my heart. My last house is a Wicca house, and is magical.

  11. Joyce Anderson says:

    I too paid my 2 years subscription ($79.95) and got screwed, got August and Sept. and then nothing. I hope the publisher gets well, but they owe me about $80!!!!

  12. Rebecca Kelly says:

    I’m new to miniatures as of lat year and this was was such a wonderful magazine – the best one of all in my opinion! I’m so sad to hear the news that it will no longer be available. It’s the first miniatures magazine that I bought and I so wish that it could be continued with another publishing company. Does anyone know if back issues can still be purchased?

  13. SHERRY WIDNER says:


  14. Cindy Carter says:

    I am another person who “got screwed” I paid for a 2 year subscription, got 2 issues, and I am in Canada so I had to pay the exchange rate as well. They owe me about $150.00!!! I hope the publisher gets well also, but when you close your doors you should have the courtesy to notify people who have paid, and not have your phones answering and giving your hours of operation.

  15. Mare Hiatt says:

    I have a Victorian dollhouse completely done with lighting and furniture. I would like to sell it. Do you have a buy and sell section in your magazine?

  16. Laurel Zigler says:

    If you ever find out what we need to do to get our money back, please let me know.
    Thank you

    Or how much I can charge for the entire collection? I have them since day one.

  17. Barbara J. Wilkes says:

    I too am in the hole for my subscription. Is there any way I can be reimbursed? Barbara Wilkes worrywart@eastlink.ca

  18. Shirley Whitworth Bertram says:

    I am a Fellow in IGMA and had used Miniature Collector to advertise my shows. They
    also published a number of articles on my work and my collection. I know Ruth and she was a kind and dedicated Person. I also relied on Doug who made the selections for my
    show ads. I am retired from miniatures but like to know what is going on in the miniature world especially this past year and the pandemic. My collection is shown to anyone who asks and it has become well known in our small community. I welcome
    correspondence. Shirley Whitworth Bertram IGMA Fellow in figures and costuming.

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