Autumn Is A Second Spring When Every Leaf Is A Flower

The rustling of the leaves is like a low hymn to nature.

As mentioned in my last post, accessories are often created in the Crown Jewel Miniatures Imaginarium to display my 1:12th food art. I have been on the hunt for realistic 1-inch scale fall leaves for a very long time without success, so I gathered materials over the summer to experiment with leaf making and this morning I got started.

I used rice paper, silk paper, mini punches, watercolors, etc and set to work. Here’s a peek (the leaves were only 3/4 done at the time these photos were taken)…

I only needed a few for mini food displays but I made tons because I want them for an outdoor scene in my private collection. The process is a bit tedious, and today I have even more respect for the professional IGMA Artisans & Fellows who create the most gorgeous flowers and plants and make it look easy. ­čÖé

To learn how I made use of them, stay tuned to my Etsy shop today! I had a lot of fun making the leaves but they’re just an accent for my food displays and I’m about to launch two new pieces. I will list them shortly.

Hint: Pine cones are lovely when paired with leaves, and leaves are lovely when paired with…


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