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“Necessity can be the springboard to success!”

Julia Child once said “Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all”, and that’s how I feel about making 1:12 food art. I’m constantly searching for better servingware and sourcing true 1:12th scale items is often a challenge. Dishes are never thin enough, pots & pans are often chunky and baking pans that meet all the requirements are plastic and impossible to bake with polymer clay inside. (TIP: Make a mold of the interior of plastic pots & pans then bake your polymer clay in the mold, cool and transfer to the plastic pan).

Today I wanted slim, thin cutting boards & serving paddles and decided to try my hand at making them myself. I purchased a strip of bass wood at the craft store and grabbed my trusty Easy Cutter and this is the result of my very first attempt at making cutting boards:

I just measured and cut the length I wanted, used my cutters to nip the corners and around the handle, sanded the contours and used a pin vise to make a hole for the rope. I applied walnut stain, signed the bottom and finished with sealer.

It was easy, quick and as time goes on I will get a little fancier with shapes and handles and use other stains and finishes for a variety of options. Making 1:12 food art entails more than just crafting the food; utensils and servingware are a fun part of the process.

Happy crafting, mini friends!


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