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Happy Autumn Mini Friends!

The leaves have just begun to turn here in New England and though the days are still very warm, I’m looking forward to crisp air and a breathtaking kaleidoscope of autumn color, fall is gorgeous! If you’re like me, you’re stocking the mini kitchen in your dollhouse with fresh baked pies and home cooking in preparation for a homey holiday display.

As usual you’ll find more new art in my Etsy and eBay shops now that I’ve wrapped up my custom orders for the year. Here’s a look at my last 2017 custom order, Thanksgiving dinner for four…

Heading into the holidays with family and friends is an essential period of rejuvenation for me artistically. Even the most passionate artist needs time away from the studio deadlines and more free time for family and new creations… and for me this entails suspending custom orders over the holidays (Oct – Jan).

My bench is always crammed with new art because every time I fulfill a custom order I maximize my time and make extras, and I’ll do my best to list some of the surplus as quickly as possible. Right now I have Mexican cuisine, Thanksgiving prep tables & dinners, gourds and squash, cookies and much more! I’m amazed at the variety of foods my collectors ask for. Raw turkey, tostadas, coffee & pie in rustic trays, fruit & cheese assortments, etc. The extras are all coming your way.

Many thanks to all my custom art collectors!!! Some are my “regulars” (folks who order almost monthly), some are new collectors, but all are truly special people, lovely to work with!! It’s an honor for me to help bring mini kitchens and dining rooms to life, it’s so much fun!!

I want to take this opportunity to say that I’m considering reducing the number of custom orders I will accept in 2018. By mid year, my Etsy store, blog and eBay begin to appear somewhat neglected and the freedom to create random food art on my own time is especially enticing. For now I’ll list what I have, make some holiday food and work on my minis-to-make-list. Here’s a peek at one WIP (work in progress)… a collection of Mexican cuisine.

Since taking that photo, I’ve added shredded cheese & lettuce to finish off the tostadas and tacos…

Be sure to check my Etsy shop and eBay (ID: Crown_Jewel_Miniatures) for availability!

Happy collecting, mini friends!


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Crown Jewel Miniatures by IGMA Artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell. Fine 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures in ultimate realism! My blog is a compendium of new art, announcements, and advice on creating miniature food for the dollhouse and 1:12th scale shops, stores and scenes.
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