2017 Annual Halloween Collectible by IGMA Artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell

Introducing “Trick Or Treat – Sweet To Eat” Do you dare to ring the doorbell?

It’s a full moon. You’re on a dirt road, hungry and tired and you take a turn down a dark, deserted path. Up ahead you see lights in the distance and your step quickens. Shelter, at last! But as your weary feet fly over the distance between you and salvation the night air picks up and you detect a whiff of… chocolate?

Convinced that you’re so ravenous that now you’re simply imagining the heavenly smell of the most sublime treat known to man, you forge on until you come to an eerie castle with spooky towers so tall the turrets seem to disappear into the night sky. Your footing slips a bit as you climb up the jagged steps, but oh! Who goes there? Why, it’s a ghost! With a pumpkin at your feet and a dilapidated graveyard to your right, you start to wonder how you’re ever going to reach the front door of the castle with him in the way. He’s just standing there, not making a sound, as you stare and worry if he’s friend or foe. Hastily you decide to skirt around him and brave the few last steps to the top, but what’s that bubbling noise?

You crane your head around the ghost and spy a witch’s cauldron set on a low fire in the grass. Your foot slips again and you begin to slide. You brace your hands against the fall and that’s when you finally realize you’ve been walking on steps of… chocolate!

Oh that yummy, delicious, weird sensation when you lick not dirt, but finely made chocolate from your hands! The aroma coming from the cauldron smells suspiciously like sour apple candy. Moonlight glints on the magic castle illuminating chocolate walls, licorice windows, a doorway edged in candy batons and fruit drops the size of boulders are nestled below. The star and moon over the door are made of orange candy, the twisted peaks overhead are luscious grape taffy… and you smile and march right up to that black licorice door and pound on it loudly with both fists…

“Witchy Poo, Witchy Poo, please let me in! I’m tired and hungry but wearing a grin!
Your marvelous castle of chocolate, your ghost of marshmallow…
At first I was afraid, but he’s my kind of fellow!
If you don’t let me in, I’ll eat you out of house & home, little by little each day,
Until this delicious Halloween castle is in my tummy to stay!
Witchy Poo, Witchy Poo have you more tricks or treats inside?
I promise to be good! Your will I shall abide!”

…and then came the raspy, cackling reply…

“Step right in, my pretty and learn for yourself,
What Crown Jewel Miniatures has concocted in this sugary spell.
All will be revealed… sweet secrets foretold,
But only to the buyer, once my delicious castle is sold!”

This year my 2017 Annual Halloween Collectible is a dessert sculpture carved from chocolate. Detailed freestyle, by hand, the walls of the castle resemble tree trunks and the spires were inspired by a witch’s hat. The headstones have a bit of glitter to simulate moonlight glinting off marble stone and the ghost on the steps was inspired by a trick-or-treat costume. Definitely the piece de resistance for your 1:12th scale mini Halloween party!

There will be only one queen of this Halloween castle as it is a one-of-a-kind and will never be reproduced. The question is, will it be you? I will not accept orders to recreate this. Available now via my Etsy shop!

Happy Halloween mini collecting everyone!


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IGMA Artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell

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