Artisan Bread

“If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.” -Robert Browning


Realistic, artisan breads bring a homey touch to dollhouse kitchens and bakeries like no other food can. Display sliced baguettes on mini kitchen counters next to a tiny knife and bottle of garlic olive oil for a realistic look…

Sliced Baguette

My latest batch features quite an assortment, with baguettes, boules, seeded loaves, bagels, cottage loaves, rye, wheat, poppy bagels and pans of fresh baked dinner rolls.


Create an inviting scene and leave your mini oven door open just enough to catch a glimpse of fresh baked rolls!

24 Rolls

These assorted boules are perfect for display on a mini counter near an open pot of jam…


Bagels of any flavor always look inviting…

Blueberry Bagels 1

Blueberry Bagels 2

And best of all you can serve it your way… with tiny pots of whipped butter, a bottle of my Special Reserve herb infused olive oil, jars of wobbly jelly and filled, personalized coffee mugs!

Stephan & Angelique mugs

Autumn is a perfect time for baking in real life and your dollhouse!

2 Dozen Rolls

Cottage Loaf

Cottage Nut Loaf



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IGMA Artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell

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