Do Come In

“The doors are open and the light is on… “

No, it’s not Motel 6, I’m talking about the refrigerator. LOL My collectors know I’d rather make Edwardian & Victorian foods and I’m not a fan of modern but I couldn’t resist the French door refrigerator I found on eBay last year! I haven’t wired it yet but I will when I have time. What’s a refrigerator without a tiny light inside?

CJMModernKitchen100 copy

For now it’s in a roombox with a combination sink & stove unit I picked up from ELF Miniatures and a work table crammed with odds & ends.

CJMModernKitchen102 copy

I had a lot of fun making fresh vegetables, cheeses and meats to fill the inside and as you can see I added condiments, milk, wine, and frozen food boxes and pouches for a little more realism.

CJMModernKitchen103 copy

I love they way it looks in the background- it helps to make the room seem real. The only problem is I need to leave the doors wide open all the time to get the effect LOL! After the lights are installed I can leave the refrigerator door slightly ajar and make a midnight snack scene for the work table. 😉

CJMModernKitchen104 copy

The light coming in from the window behind the sink adds to the charm of the room. It’s a large bay window with mullions- great for displaying plants and fresh herbs growing in tiny pots (that’s also on my to-do list LOL).

CJMModernKitchen106 copy

Thanks for taking a peek, it’s just a little refrigerator but it provided me with a lot of mini inspiration! All it takes is one mini- a pan, a mixer or in this case a refrigerator- and a whole line of food and drink usually follows from there.

While you’re here, help yourself to fruit or ice cream. The beer is nicely chilled too! 😉


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